Well Started Gun Dog Ready Now

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We have a well started English Springer Spaniel (male) we are willing to sell as a shooting dog. He is well started with basic obedience, retrieves to hand, makes simple water retrieves, walks on a leash and has lived in the house.

The cost is currently $4,000 and the price will continue to escalate as his training is moved along. This is a smaller spaniel with a lovely personality and a lot of flash. He is approximately 17 months of age and will continued be developed to the highest standard until he is sold. He would make a wonderful dove or duck dog with some upland hunting or a full time upland dog if that is your priority. He is good with people and other dogs.

Contact us with questions. This has been a successful model to reduce your risk as compared to the risk of buying a puppy, paying for training and “hoping” the puppy makes it.