Well Started Field Trial Prospect

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We have an English Springer Spaniel prospect (male) we are accepting reservations on in advance. Your requirement is a 50% deposit for the finished dog and a commitment to an additional 6 months of training/transition to you as the new owner/handler, plus all bird costs, entry fees and veterinarian costs.

When it is all added up, you should plan on a roughly $13,000 commitment over the next 18 to 24 months, with an initial deposit of $4,000.

This puppy is approximately 17 months of age and will be developed to the highest standard. Once fully developed/transitioned at about three years of age, our goal would be for the new owner to be fully competing with the dog themselves.

Contact us with questions. This has been a successful model to reduce your risk at obtaining a competitive dog as compared to the risk of buying a puppy, paying for training and “hoping” the puppy makes it. There is the potential to purchase this pup earlier as a gun dog with no additional obligation if there is an appropriate situation.