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After years of people asking if we had a book, we have finally answered with our training manual that has been developed as a companion manual for our seminars and will be a companion manual for our video program that is in development. This manual is a step by step guide to develop your dog from a puppy to a finished dog. This is a clean explanation of the steps we generally go through to develop our own dogs and Client dogs that are with us for development.

Our training program is specifically developed to help owners that work for a living or train alone. This system can be completed successfully without the need for training groups and a lot of ground. You only need commitment, patience and some time hunting your dog!

The manual is coil bound on gloss paper with cover stock. It has 104 interior pages filled with explanations, photographs and exhibits. The cost is $50.00 (US dollars) and includes priority shipping to the lower 48 via USPS. Please email the name and address for shipping and either mail a check or click the Buy Training Manual button to pay via PayPal. As always, please forward the info to others that may have interest. PAYPAL LINK HERE

Training Manual Testimonials –

I have two dogs that have been through the Craney Hill program and they are the best part of my hunting experience. It is fantastic to see Todd Agnew‘s key principles and techniques are available to spaniel enthusiasts that may not be able to work with him in person. The guidance is invaluable whether you’re working with a brand new pup or you’re trying to understand how you’re own interactions with your dog could be improved. Know doubt this manual will make you a better hunting team.

Rich Lindsay

This is a great, step by step guide to training your gun dog or trialing dog. It provides very valuable tips to put your dog on a winning program. I highly recommend this manual.

Alan Barnes

Great training reference. Easy to read and gives you a program that builds with the skill of the dog and has great practical drills. Best of the best.

Scott McKillip

If you are not sure of your next step, or not even sure of where to start. This manual needs to be a part of your working spaniel training program.. I will bet you a NOC, that you and your dog can and will benefit from these suggestions!!!!

Shane Kozal

The manual is great, I wish I would have had it when I first got my puppy.  The card and bookmarks that were included was a nice touch. I hope you end up doing the video to go along with it.   Good luck the rest of the trial season, you guys are off to a great start.  Thanks.

Jason Kane


The “Spaniel Training” book is exactly what I have been looking for to develop my pup.  What I liked most about the book is the way it is broken down in Phases.  This logical and structured approach is easy to comprehend and execute.  I have been working with my pup focused primarily in Phase I and I have been extremely pleased with her progression.  I am looking forward to moving on to Phase II and getting her to the field.  Todd’s understanding of the Spaniel and his ability to convey that information throughout this book has helped me to better understand the how and why in developing my Spaniel to her full potential.

Thanks, David