Gun Dog Training

We have four Gun Dog Training Camps during the year and specialized Field Trial/Hunt Test Development. They are created to maximize the specific needs of gun dogs based upon their current development level.

Gun Dog Training Camps

The objectives for our Basic Gun Dog Camp are to set a strong foundation for your dog, which includes proper introduction and exposure to birds, proper gun introduction, basic obedience, hunting in control and basic retrieving. This camp is focused on getting your puppy or young dog off to the right start before negative traits are established. This camp is generally available any time of the year, except October and November, and generally is for three months. The cost is $3,600 to $4,800, plus vet expenses. Training birds are included. At the end of the camp, your dog will come when called or whistled, hup/sit when told by voice or whistle, be e-collar conditioned if you choose, hunt for birds within range and generally retrieve.

The objective for our Trained Retrieve Gun Dog Camp is to develop a reliable retrieve and a professional delivery for dogs with retrieving problems. This is a very intense and structured “forced retrieve” camp for your dog. We will cure your dog’s retrieving problems and create a reliable retriever that brings the bird back to you without fumbling, dilly-dallying or avoiding bringing the bird back to you. This camp is generally available any time during the year, except October, and is for 6 to 8 weeks. The cost is a flat $2,500, plus vet expenses.

The objective of our Advanced Gun Dog Camp is to build on the foundation previously established at one of our gun dog camps, or the foundation put in place by the owner. Dogs learn formal obedience, proper hunting pattern, staying in control and simple blind retrieves. This camp is what you need prior to opening day! This camp is generally available any time during the year, except October and November, and generally is for three months. The cost is $3,600 to $4,800, plus vet expenses. Training birds are included. At the end of the camp, your dog will run a hunting pattern within range, be steady-to-wing and shot and complete simple blind retrieves.

The objective of our Wild Bird Hunting Camp is to build a positive hunting foundation in your dog. The benefits to your dog are significant regarding exposure to cover, travel and of course birds. Our camp varies by year and location but is generally for 4-6 weeks in October and November. Your dog will travel with us and we will hunt it each day to gain experience that will last for its life. The cost is $2,500, plus vet expenses. This camp is limited to dogs that have been in our program or are currently in our program.


Photo by Christina Power Photography

Training Testimonials:

If you want to train a dog A to Z , Craney Hill is the place for you. Starting with a puppy fresh from the litter on through the endless stages of maturity, Todd and Christina will show the way. In the case of my busy dog life there is much communication with Georgia (a 15 hour drive): questions, listening, pushing and working on solutions to changing issues. They are also my cheerleading squad on trial days! Training my own dogs has completely changed the relentless training routine at home. The end results, be it shooting grouse or running trials, have gotten better and better. The experience has been nothing short of remarkable. – Betsey Battistoni, Millbrook, NY

When my new pup (Pigeon) came along, I wanted to focus her training primarily on upland hunting which I have discovered somewhat later in life.  A friend referred me to Todd Agnew at Craney Hill, and the pup and I drove to Georgia planning to begin training immediately.  What actually transpired was nothing like I anticipated.  Through Todd’s direction, I began to learn that many of my notions of training run contrary to what I hoped to achieve, especially regarding pressure and how the dog perceives it.  Through his thoughtful process of training me to train Pigeon, we have methodically laid a foundation that frequently surprises me with how it builds successive steps and skills one upon the other while preserving the enthusiasm and style that make hunting with a flushing dog so much fun.  He works us through the inevitable bumps in the road, and continues to raise my standards through better understanding of both training and handling.  At the end of the day it is always obvious that his first priority is the dog, and that he truly wants me to be successful with my dog.  We are now having a fun and successful first season.  If Todd could only improve my shooting, Pigeon would be a happier dog. – Carl Bundy, NC