We have a young all-age male English Springer Spaniel for sale to someone with field trial aspirations. Dibbs is a strong, flashy young male that is ready for all-age stakes this fall. This is a very talented young dog that ran three puppy stakes in the spring earning a 1st, 3rd and 4th in the three events. He is absolutely honest and “with” the handler. Dibbs has a strong nose, run and perfect mouth. This is a dog that amateurs should be running. Dibbs will only be sold to a person looking to have the dog continue his development here at Craney Hill Kennel with the goal to run some all-age stakes in fall 2018 and transition the dog for the owner to compete with starting in 2019. We will not sell the dog to someone that just wants us to run the dog in trials…the prospective owner must have the ultimate goal of learning to handle the dog so they can compete with the dog themselves with a continued relationship with Craney Hill Kennel. The cost of Dibbs is the cost of the dog based on his level of experience when purchased, plus the monthly development cost and associated vet and trial expenses. We expect Dibbs to be a highly competitive and consistent dog. Serious inquiries only please. view Dibbs here