Training Tip Tuesday – Does Your Dog Know What You Think It Knows?

Today’s tip focuses on recognizing what your dog actually knows. Often times, we are convinced the dog knows something when it does not, or in a particular situation, it does not. Be sure you teach and your dog understands what it is you are trying to convey. Does your dog know the verbal command or does it understand only the body language?


Training Tip Tuesday – Don’t Reward An Unwanted Behavior

Todd shows many possible behaviors Maggie will offer to avoid doing what is asked. The reward that Maggie wants is Todd’s attention/touch. He illustrates how important it is to only reward the exact behavior that he wants and to not accept a less “clean” response from the dog.

Training Tip Tuesday – Beginning Relationship Development

This weeks training tip illustrates how to build confidence for a puppy on a training table. By building the puppy’s confidence, you also build trust and ultimately a positive relationship. The Relationship Development is a long and gradual process on the table but it will pay you back many times over down the road when going through more advanced training.