Developing Spaniels

I often tell people that I do not train spaniels…I develop spaniels. It is a very fine distinction but a very important one. To me, a “trainer” implies a superiority over the pupil that is destined to fail from the beginning. A person that “develops” is destined to always be searching for ways to enhance communication and is learning to build a relationship to bring the most out of the pupil.

Female Started Dogs Available

We have returned from chasing wild birds and are making available two lovely young female pups. The hard work is over and both pups are as advertised and will be sold with the usual health contract.

The first pup is a female English cocker spaniel named Bailee. She is a 19-month old pup that is well-started in the field. Her obedience is completed with voice, whistle and e-collar and she delivers to hand. She also loves the water and does basic water retrieves. Bailee is a high-energy and smaller puppy with plenty of go and a wonderful attentive personality. She is good on her birds and aggressive, but a close-working dog great for a single hunter along hedgerows and/or in the woods. She would also be a great little dove dog, wagon dog or early season/warm weather duck dog. It is not likely that she will be a big-running dog for open country. Bailee has not been in the house since she was 4-5 months old. The price for Bailee is $5,000. firm.

Contact us to discuss. Serious inquiries only.



The second pup is a female English springer spaniel named Alice. She is a 10-month old pup that is started in the field and she really started to put things together on wild birds. Her basic obedience is completed with voice, whistle and e-collar and she delivers to hand. She has begun basic water retrieves. Alice is a leggy puppy with a good sized frame to fill out. She has plenty of go and a wonderful attentive personality. She is good on her birds and aggressive, and it is likely that she will be a big-running dog for open country and a very strong field trial prospect. Alice has not been in the house since she was 4-5 months old. The price for Alice is $5,000. firm, as is and/or we can discuss economic arrangements for further training towards field trial aspirations. If you want to get into field trials and learn how it is done, as well have a top-flight gun dog, Alice is the dog for you!

Contact us to discuss. Serious inquiries only.




Winter Dog Training Reservations

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Limited reservations available for winter gun dog training in Georgia and early field trial training/campaigning in 2019. Get a jump on the new year and more important, do not miss the early development period with your pups due to weather!

Contact us immediately to coordinate a plan and drop off your dog. We will be at the Amateur National in Ohio, back to Georgia to train and at the Open National in Maryland in December. For more information email





A Great Day Chasing Pheasants In Iowa!

Enjoy the video of Julio running Georgia in a hunting situation for the first time and Whaley finds, flushes and retrieves his first wild pheasant.

Minnie’s First Hunt Of The Year


HI, Christina and Todd,

Minnie had her first hunt of the season at RRC two weeks ago. She flushed 35 birds, she found and returned them all. We were in sorghum, corn stalks….all kinds of cover. What a joy to watch her work as she remembered how to do it with precision.

Joan & Minnie

Ella & Ryker A Perfect Match

Ella is loving her new English Springer Spaniel Ryker. We have heard that she wakes up early to train her dog and plans on doing more training with Todd once we get back to GA. We are really looking forward to seeing Ryker and his new family again down at the farm. Thank you for the updates and photos.

The Puppies and Dixie

This was an awesome run for the puppies and Dixie. The puppies were-Alice, The Ferg, Bonnie, Clover, Trigger and Maggie. Todd was walking to me and Dixie was up front pushing a pheasant with the puppies right behind her. Watch the video and listen to what Todd is saying. Many more photos and videos to come. #spanielsinthefield #uplandhunting

First Day In The Field Somewhere In Iowa!

No photos as Christina organized the house after we did food shopping this morning, and it was low 40s today. There is a lot of water and a lot of crops in the fields but we still pounded cover today and found some birds.

Here are a couple of highlights…

Gracie worked a moving bird in the grasses for about 25 yards and then the bird lined out. I saw her in a dead run about 80 yards away going over a hill. She returned in about two minutes soaking wet but I never saw the the bird.

Georgia worked a bird in the canary grass for about 25 yards before it ran into some woods for about 25 more yards. She pressured it back into the canary grass and put up a rooster another 25 yards out…pretty cool.

Dexter ran tight in canary grass through some woods and brush along a water way. He put up a woodcock and gave good chase until it finally flew across the water.

Whaley, Bailee, and Gunner ran well in various cover but the birds won.

Alice, Maggie, The Ferg, Trigger, Bonnie and Clover all ran together and missed out on pheasants but did jump about a dozen ducks!

Old dogs get to work tomorrow.

Scott & Dibbs Get Their AFC Title!!

Congratulations Scott & Dibbs!!


Scott & Dibbs got their AFC title today at the Northern Colorado field trial. Scott has been working hard since he started field trialing one year ago and titled Dibbs with two wins. Dibbs was developed here at Craney Hill Kennel and we cannot express our excitement for Scott, Jennifer, Bailee, Carley and of course Dibbs. Well done!

Anna & Bill Get 4th In PA!

Congratulations to Bill and Anna (Ryker & Georgia’s Mom) on getting 4th place at the AM field trial in Pittsburgh, PA. We are so happy for the both of you!!

Notes from Bill – Anna  and  I finally got it done in Pittsburgh!  We couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Thanks again for  all the help you gave us.