Lady Heidi From NY City

Heidi is a complete joy to us and by far the best dog we have ever had.  Heidi seems to have adjusted very well to life in NYC, particularly since we live across the street from Riverside Park.  She seems to have a dual personality: In our apartment she’s the “love bunny”, always wanting to be with us (she sleeps between us) and showing enormous affection.  She seems to think of herself as the “furry person” member of the family.  We run her every morning in the park and she is in very good condition.  However, in the field she’s all business.  As soon as the shotgun cases come out she knows it’s time to go to work and all thought of anything but chasing birds seems to leave her mind.  Living in the city, this combination works very well for us.

Corinne & I would like to thank you again for selling us a very well trained dog. She’s total joy.  You two are the best.  If we ever move out of the city, we’ll be coming to see you for a second springer.

Mike & Corinne



Sully Update From KY

IMG_2216 Sully

Sully is doing well. He has turned into an incredibly sweet dog who is now fully integrated into house life as well as farm life. He loves his weekly egg from the chicken coop and all the hickory nuts, walnuts, etc that begin to cover the ground this time of year. By the way he is very popular with all our guests who cannot get over how handsome he is.