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We are the ONLY trainer in the Southeast that specializes in spaniels for upland work. We are not retriever trainers that train a few spaniels. We are not trainers that specialize in retriever games for Boykins. We specialize in training your spaniel for what it was bred for, which is to quest game, produce it and retrieve it!

Clair & Grier Dove Hunting Jan 17, 2017

News from TX!

Clair and Grier had a fantastic time Dove hunting together, they were also able to get in some Quail hunting. Go Clair!


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Dudley & Rennie Working Together Jan 01, 2017

Dudley and Rennie did a fantastic job the other morning working a pheasant shoot together. It was a very good training day for Rennie as Dudley had more of the pick ups while Rennie learned to sit and watch.






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Allie Gets More Ducks! Dec 30, 2016

We got a note from John and some wonderful photographs of Allie duck hunting in Florida. John was able to do some hunting with his Dad and Allie and indicated that the young pup is really starting to catch on with the game!

Allie seems to be in “hog heaven” with John and certainly has forgot who we are! There is something about this young Florida kid because all the pictures he sends have a lot of game in them…







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