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We are the ONLY trainer in the Southeast that specializes in Field Bred English Springer Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels for upland work. We are not retriever trainers that train a few spaniels. We are not trainers that specialize in retriever games. We specialize in training your spaniel for what it was bred for, which is to quest game, produce it and retrieve it!

Team Craney Hill Places Again! Feb 10, 2017

Another great day in the field for Alan & Kermit. Alan received the Gunners Award and 2nd place today in the cocker trial. We are going to do some celebrating tonight! Great job Alan and Kermit! I promise there will be photos of all the ribbons and trophies to come soon.

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Craney Hill Wins Two Trials At The HOF! Feb 09, 2017

blog2697todd-dibbs-alder-alan-kermitIt was a fantastic day for CH at the HOF trials in TN. Alder won the open stake in the first springer trial, Dibbs ran his first puppy stake and placed 4th. Alan and Kermit won the first cocker trial held here at the HOF trials. This is Alan’s first placement in a field trial. Alan and Kermit have worked very hard in training with Todd to get to this point. This was Alan’s 7th cocker trial with Kermit. We are so proud of Alan & Kermit! So glad you are part of the CH team! Photos will be coming soon.

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A Clair Visit!! Feb 06, 2017

We were so happy to see Clair, Grier & Camille in TX while we were down for the field trials. It was great to see how much Clair loves Grier and Camille, and the other way around. Thank you so much for taking time to come up to see us. Grier and Camille also stayed to watch some of the field trial and met many new people in the group.

We were also able to see Clair’s sister Ruby which is owned by Don & Pat in Kansas. It was a family event. Here are a few photos of Clair & Ruby. Clair is on the left.


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Allie & John Hunting Kansas Jan 30, 2017

Photos and video from John.

John and Allie went to Kansas to hunt wild Pheasant and Quail before the season ends tomorrow. They went on their own, no Todd looking over them. There were a few phone calls from John asking Todd some last minute dog and field questions. As you can see by the photos and the video they are having a great time. The video really expresses John’s excitement. Can Y’all tell?

Allie’s First Wild Pheasant!


Wild Quail


The Pheasant Retrieve!

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Dudley Places 2nd In TX Jan 28, 2017

Dudley really loves TX!!!! Dudley placed 2nd today in the trial. He is on fire Y’all!!!! Photos to come soon with ribbons…

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Dudley Loves TX!! Jan 26, 2017

Well our boy Dudley has won again in TX.. This win now titles Dudley for his FC. We are over the moon about this win. 


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Spaniel Training TX Style Jan 24, 2017

The great weather in TX is offering quality Spaniel training. Thank you to Bob & Cathy Iverson for letting all of us use their grounds for training and for holding the Springer trials. They put on great trials! All photos & video by Christina





That’s Dibbs Flushing A Pheasant!







Mhari & Cathy running a brace.

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Family Visit Jan 23, 2017

Mary & Tim drove down from NY to Ga to see how Oonagh was making out at camp. As you can see Mary & Oonagh have missed each other. They really enjoyed their visit in GA and they were able to get in a lot of training with Todd.


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