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We are the ONLY trainer in the Southeast that specializes in Field Bred English Springer Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels for upland work. We are not retriever trainers that train a few spaniels. We are not trainers that specialize in retriever games. We specialize in training your spaniel for what it was bred for, which is to quest game, produce it and retrieve it!

New Hunting Dog Podcast! Aug 19, 2019
Listen to the latest podcast with Todd on The Gun Dog Notebook. Click here to listen…
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Training Tip Tuesday – Does Your Dog Know What You Think It Knows? Jul 30, 2019

Today’s tip focuses on recognizing what your dog actually knows. Often times, we are convinced the dog knows something when it does not, or in a particular situation, it does not. Be sure you teach and your dog understands what it is you are trying to convey. Does your dog know the verbal command or does it understand only the body language?


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Training Tip Tuesday – Teach Your Dog To Be A Problem-Solver! Jul 23, 2019

If you train to a high expectation, you can get the dog to solve problems and correct to provide the desired behavior.

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Training Tip Tuesday – Don’t Reward An Unwanted Behavior Jul 16, 2019

Todd shows many possible behaviors Maggie will offer to avoid doing what is asked. The reward that Maggie wants is Todd’s attention/touch. He illustrates how important it is to only reward the exact behavior that he wants and to not accept a less “clean” response from the dog.

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Training Tip Tuesday – Teaching Kennel Jul 09, 2019

Watch as Sarah goes through the various steps of T.R.I.P. to start a young puppy in the teaching of the Kennel command. Sarah finishes the teaching by   illustrating the finished and polished response with her personal Gundog Indie.

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Sporting Dog Talk – Training Trainers To Handle Spaniels Jul 05, 2019

Craney Hill Kennel is featured on The latest pod cast from Sporting Dog Talk – Episode 24: Todd Agnew- Training Trainers To Handle Spaniels – Click Here to Listen

Host of Sporting Dog Talk, Tony J. Peterson, is an outdoor writer, photographer and absolute hunting-dog devotee. He currently writes for over a dozen national hunting publications, has produced short films dedicated to sporting dogs, and is a staunch advocate for public lands. Peterson’s current dog, Luna, is his constant companion in the field.

“Owner of Craney Hill Kennel, Todd Agnew, is a well-established professional trainer who has worked with bird dogs of all breeds, but he specializes in both field bred English cocker spaniels and springer spaniels. Agnew has developed a proven training strategy that not only produces top-notch dogs, but takes into account how individual handlers should work with their dogs.”

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Training Tip Tuesday – Responding To The Doorbell Jul 02, 2019

Does your dog jump at the door when someone arrives? Is it rambunctious at the excitement of a guest? It is much easier to teach your dog a behavior you want than to teach it not to do a behavior it is already doing. In this clip from Training Tip Tuesday, Todd shows how even a young puppy can learn to be a good citizen when the doorbell rings!



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Training Tip Tuesday – Using The Clicker! Jun 25, 2019

The clicker is a valuable training tool to shape behaviors. Before it can be used effectively, it must be paired with a known reward. Todd shows how we pair the clicker to food treats prior to using the clicker to shape desired behaviors.

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