Training Tip Tuesday – Don’t Reward An Unwanted Behavior

Todd shows many possible behaviors Maggie will offer to avoid doing what is asked. The reward that Maggie wants is Todd’s attention/touch. He illustrates how important it is to only reward the exact behavior that he wants and to not accept a less “clean” response from the dog.

4 thoughts on “Training Tip Tuesday – Don’t Reward An Unwanted Behavior”

  1. So were you asking her to “sit” verbally or expecting her to know to sit because of your position?

    1. Initially, the puppy chooses to Hup/Sit in a problem-solving exercise with the clicker and treat without a verbal cue. In the case of the video, we are increasing the expectation (remember T.R.I.P.) and we are not saying the command as we want her to problem-solve the exact behavior to get the reward/what she wants.

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