Sporting Dog Talk – Training Trainers To Handle Spaniels

Craney Hill Kennel is featured on The latest pod cast from Sporting Dog Talk – Episode 24: Todd Agnew- Training Trainers To Handle Spaniels – Click Here to Listen

Host of Sporting Dog Talk, Tony J. Peterson, is an outdoor writer, photographer and absolute hunting-dog devotee. He currently writes for over a dozen national hunting publications, has produced short films dedicated to sporting dogs, and is a staunch advocate for public lands. Peterson’s current dog, Luna, is his constant companion in the field.

“Owner of Craney Hill Kennel, Todd Agnew, is a well-established professional trainer who has worked with bird dogs of all breeds, but he specializes in both field bred English cocker spaniels and springer spaniels. Agnew has developed a proven training strategy that not only produces top-notch dogs, but takes into account how individual handlers should work with their dogs.”

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One thought on “Sporting Dog Talk – Training Trainers To Handle Spaniels”

  1. Todd,
    Will your schedule allow training for Mac and Daisy (female dog you sold me last fall) for August / September 2019? I plan to hunt them in SD late October, and I know you sometimes travel north during this period.

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