Dudley Wins U.S. Open High Point Award!

web4500 Dudley

Dudley has won the United States Open High Point Award for 2017! This award goes to the Open All-Age Dog that accumulates the most points in open stakes from the 2016 Open National Championship up until the 2017 Open National Championship. Dudley had two wins, five second-place awards, two third-place awards and two fourth-place awards. It went down to the last trial of the year, but a fourth-place ribbon secured the annual award!

During 2017, Dudley finished 70% of his trials, placed in 55% of his trials and was awarded placements by a remarkable 19 different judges! He is a true joy and a testament to a strong foundation and level-headed personality. This fall, he ran 11 trials in five weeks; a true test of a dog’s ability to “hold it together” in the field trial world. We are so excited for Dudley’s owner Pat and having been able to win this award.

Dudley has 30 puppies on the ground with Rich’s puppy DJ being the oldest and showing great promise. Pay attention for additional Dudley litters coming in 2018!

14 thoughts on “Dudley Wins U.S. Open High Point Award!”

  1. Big congrats to Dudley and Craney Hill team! You guys have worked tirelessly this year and driven many miles. Dudley is such a wonderful and talented dog. He is a testament to “the Craney Hill Way”. So happy for you all.

  2. I told you he was a good dog –
    This is a very big accomplishment, to put it mildly. Many congratulations for staying the course!
    It is a testament for the training ethic at Craney Hill.
    I sure am glad I have some Dudley puppies in my kennel 🙂

  3. My hat is off to the Craney Hill team! It proves the program really does work. Our Dudley puppy has the desire and talent to be that special dog.

  4. Well done Dudley! I was on pins and needles for the last few weeks of the season. So happy all that work paid off – quite an accomplishment.

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