Today’s Grouse Hunt!

Training and hunting on the flat tops in CO today. The guys were hunting in a snow storm with 16″ already on the ground. Alan and Scott got bonus points from Todd by giving this day their all. Alan flew up from GA and Scott drove over from Denver to work with Todd and the dogs. The ride up the mountain and back was pretty bad and very slow going. More snow to fall tonight!  What will tomorrow bring for the guys?

How was your day at the office?







5 thoughts on “Today’s Grouse Hunt!”

  1. Toughest day I ever spent hunting. Glad to spend it with Scott, Todd and of course Kermit. DJ and Dibbs did well as well! One for the memory books.

  2. Shaking my head …. all I can process is only Georgia Boys would want to play in that much snow. What happened… did you run out of good bourbon at the camp? Hopefully my dog DJ didn’t get frostbite.

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