While We Were Training In MO…

I sent Mary this note about shaving her dog, but I missed a letter in the beginning of my note.. Then I received her reply back. Just another funny day!! BTW, sunny and in the 60’s here in MO.

Me writing-Todd would like to know if Oonagh can be saved? It’s warming up.. We already shaved a bunch of the other dogs. 

Mary’s reply-Christina, re-read your question to me.  I thought you were asking me if Oonagh can be SAVED, meaning she is so bad Todd is giving up on her…

Thank God you typed it better in the third sentence.  You scared me!!!

YES, shave her down 😉  Send me a picture so I can see her naked.  I think this will be her first time.  She had to look pretty for too many events last summer.  Go for it.



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