A Clair Visit!!

We were so happy to see Clair, Grier & Camille in TX while we were down for the field trials. It was great to see how much Clair loves Grier and Camille, and the other way around. Thank you so much for taking time to come up to see us. Grier and Camille also stayed to watch some of the field trial and met many new people in the group.

We were also able to see Clair’s sister Ruby which is owned by Don & Pat in Kansas. It was a family event. Here are a few photos of Clair & Ruby. Clair is on the left.


2 thoughts on “A Clair Visit!!

  1. Christina, lovely photos. You have a way off capturing the moment. I really like the black and whites! Well done. Looking forward to a few spring trials in the states. Not sure which ones or should I say if/until I can get Cree to be steady? Best Ian and Creena.


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